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More than 2,611 foreign investors obtained Turkish citizenship within one year

More than 2,611 foreign investors obtained Turkish citizenship within one year

By on April 7, 2020 in Human Resources, Management, Organization

In the real estate world, the shares of the regions rise, the more they meet the needs and desires of different investors and residents. According to this rule, real estate shares of the two Maslak districts in Sarıyer Istanbul on its European side, and Levent of Beşiktaş Municipality, are rising today, as they are important business and investment centers in Istanbul, and the most prestigious, with high real estate prices.

Maslak .. Icon of Culture and Investment in Istanbul

Maslak is one of the most important commercial districts in Sariyer, which is the most earthquake-safe zone, and the third most luxurious and most expensive region in Turkey. It directly overlooks the Bosphorus, and is rich in luxury real estate and palaces, making it attractive to owners of money and celebrities.

Maslak is characterized by its high and wonderful view of the Bosphorus Strait, surrounded by a modern transportation network such as the E80 motorway and metro stations, where the M2 metro line connects to Maslak area, and there is also a new tramway project in the area extending from Maslak area to the new airport, which is one of the most important Current infrastructure projects in the region. Maslak is ideal for real estate investment. Today, Maslak is ideal for those looking for unique opportunities to invest in Istanbul, in relation to real estate or the work of major companies. It combines many modern and smart residential and office towers. The region also includes all the administrative headquarters of multinational companies, and major Turkish commercial and economic institutions. Real estate opportunities around Maslak and views of the Belgrade forests

And if you are looking for opportunities for real estate investment in Istanbul, characterized by luxury, luxury and sophistication, Smart Real Estate Investment Group offers you many distinguished projects in the vicinity of Maslak. The “Avant Garde” project, one of the most important of these projects, is a wonderful investment and residential opportunity, to distinguish its direct location on the TEM highway, and only 800 meters from the commercial heart of Istanbul. It is ideal for those looking to buy apartments in the heart of the financial and business world in Istanbul, as it is directly opposite the Istanbul Valley Mall, the newest and most prestigious shopping mall in Maslak.

The Avant Garde is distinguished as the only project in the vicinity of Maslak district that enjoys the guarantee of the Turkish government, and contains options that suit the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship. Also in the Maslak region, the SMART Group is presenting the “Valley Koro” project, located in the heart of the Belgrade forests, where the nature is charming. The project meets the conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship, and is located near the Bosphorus, and it is only 4 minutes away by TEM / E80.

Smart apartments in the project have different models with central heating systems, and a 24-hour security and control system that can be controlled remotely. Levent .. the business and financial center of Istanbul, European

On the other side of the E80 motorway is the Levent municipality of Beşiktaş municipality. It is one of the most important neighborhoods that includes the main central business district of Istanbul. It is one of the modern, luxurious and safe neighborhoods, and it is full of malls and hotels. Close to the highway and metro station, as it overlooks the east on the Bosphorus Strait, and from the south it approaches the Taksim area.

Levent is a full-service neighborhood, with schools and mosques, a medical center, gardens and spaces for children. The area is characterized by its easy transportation. Besides the highway, the M2 metro line passes the Levent station, and the M6 ​​metro line starts from Levent and connects it with Hisarüstü.

The famous shopping centers in Maslak and Levent

In two high-end areas such as Maslak and Levent, which are important centers of culture, finance, business and investment in Istanbul, it is natural to find huge multi-purpose shopping centers.

In Maslak, we find the VADISTANBUL Istanbul Valley which contains stores, restaurants, residences, cinemas and other amenities.

In Levent, Kanyon Mall is a multi-purpose center located on Büyükdere Street in the Levent commercial district. It houses a business center, office tower and apartment complex.

Close to Levent Metro Station, there is the MetroCity AVM Mall which has a mall and three towers above it.

Also in Levent, the huge Sapphire shopping mall that houses residences, cafes and cinemas includes the largest brands.

This is in addition to dozens of shopping centers close to Maslak and Levent in Sarıyer and Besiktas in general. Universities and schools in Maslak and Levent

Many universities are close to the Maslak region, the most famous of which is Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi. The schools in Levent and Maslak are many and varied between local and international, the most important of which are the Levent International Schools, the British School, the Bosphorus International School in Maslak, the Istanbul International School, and the Syrian and Saudi schools. Distinctive real estate and investment opportunities near Maslak: For those looking for real estate investment opportunities in Istanbul near Maslak, the Smart Tower Group offers advice on ownership in the Kâğıthane Kate Hana region, which is located directly south of Maslak, and contains one of the most luxurious modern real estate projects, the “Cord Istanbul” project which It is located at the meeting point of Kite Hanah and Maslak, on the beautiful coast of the Sadeep Valley. It offers a luxurious lifestyle, with its modern architectural design, and apartments designed with perfect comfort.

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