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More than 2,611 foreign investors obtained Turkish citizenship within one year

More than 2,611 foreign investors obtained Turkish citizenship within one year

By admin on April 5, 2020 in Investment, Turkish Citizen

More than 2,611 foreign investors obtained Turkish citizenship within one year. This is what was revealed by the General Directorate of Soul Affairs and Turkish Citizenship recently.

After the new amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law, foreign investors are allowed to apply for Turkish citizenship, for those who invest in the immovable property sector (buying a property) with a value of 250 thousand dollars, and who invest in the fixed capital sector with a value of 500 thousand dollars.

According to the General Directorate of Souls and Nationality Affairs, house sales to foreigners increased by 50% in the first eight months of 2019, compared to the same period in 2018, to reach 27,748 houses.

The Iraqis topped the list of foreign investors with Turkish citizenship during this period, with 327 investors, followed by 240 Afghans, 170 Palestinians, 110 Egyptians, 66 Libyans, 44 Lebanese, 29 Saudis, 28 Azerbaijanis, 26 Pakistanis, 24 Sudanese, 22 Russians and 21 Algerians, And 19 Americans.

Turkish citizenship was also obtained by investors from Germany, Venezuela, France, Syria, Poland, Australia, the Emirates, India and Canada. * Amendments to the Turkish citizenship law. Before the amendment of the citizenship law to investors, the foreign investor was required to purchase a property with a value of at least one million dollars, and invest $ 2 million in a head Hard money.

In another subsequent amendment, foreign investors were allowed to apply for Turkish citizenship through old real estate, which they began to pay for after the date of 12/01/2017, and to receive their ownership document after 09/19/2018, provided that their value is not less than 250 thousand dollars, after If the law is limited to newly purchased real estate.

The new legal amendments included real estate owned by a Turkish person or company, even if its former owner was a foreigner, after it was prohibited.

Real estate professionals expect the recovery in the real estate sector to continue thanks to many government facilities, and many economic benefits to the Turkish state in general, and the city of Istanbul in particular. * Real estate projects in accordance with the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

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